The 10 BEST Plastic-Backed Adult Diapers of 2020

Plastic-backed adult diapers are an ideal choice when looking for a product that protects against leaks. After all, keeping clothes and bed sheets dry is of utmost importance when dealing with incontinence. Plastic-backed diapers tend to be stronger and more durable than the more cloth-like alternatives. When you are dealing with heavy incontinence or interrupted sleep due to leaks and odors, trying a plastic-backed diaper may be the next best step in your journey to finding the perfect protection for you. Check out our favorite plastic-backed options listed below to better familiarize yourself with your choices!

Quick Picks!

Here’s three products we picked out that we thought you might be interested in!

Best Pick
NorthShore Supreme Diapers
With maximum absorbency, wide coverage, and a waterproof backing, these brief-style diapers provide the protection you expect from NorthShore. And they’re available in multiple sizes and multipacks, so you’re sure to find something for you.

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Best Value
Rearz Inspire+ InControl Nighttime Diapers
Designed for quick-action, maximum absorption and 12+ hours of protection, these Rearz diapers will help you stay dry and in control throughout the night or during the day. Plus, with elastic waistbands, elastic legs, and latex-free materials, these briefs are designed with your comfort in mind.

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SaleBest Budget
Attends Care Poly Briefs
Available in multiple sizes and for heavy absorption, you can easly find the option that meets your needs, and all at a price that’s almost too good to be true.

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The BEST Plastic-Backed Adult Diapers – Our Picks!

1)  The Best Overall Plastic-Backed Adult Diaper – NorthShore Supreme Incontinence Tab-Style Briefs

NorthShore has designed a plastic-backed adult brief that is wide in both the front and the back to offer maximum coverage and protection. The tall, stand-up leak guards keep wetness from escaping the diaper, while the thick core quickly absorbs moisture during use.

Key Features:

  • Sizing includes small to extra-large
  • Topsheet is soft and wicks moisture away quickly
  • Extra-wide protection
  • Dual wetness indicator
  • Smooth plastic backing for maximum wetness protection

The anti-odor barrier allows you to move about confidently and discreetly, and the elastic waistband keeps the briefs snugly in place while providing some give for your comfort. When you choose the right size, you will find that these briefs effectively prevent sagging, creating a practical solution for your incontinence needs.

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The Pros
  • Designed to neutralize pH
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Latex-free
The Cons
  • The leakage barriers are non-absorbent

2)  The Best Budget-Friendly, Plastic-Backed Adult Diaper – Attends BR20 Poly Briefs

These adult diapers by Attends are conveniently unisex, designed for use by both men and women. They have a triple-tier moisture locking system that locks away wetness and stops odors in their tracks, giving you privacy and discretion while wearing them. They also have a color indicator so you know when it’s time for a change.

Key Features:

  • Super absorbent polymers lock fluids away
  • Leg gathers prevent leaks
  • Overnight absorbency
  • Triple-tier moisture locking system

The additional polymer and cellulose fibers make this adult brief extra-absorbent, which means they are great for overnight use and extended wear.

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The Pros
  • Closures ensure a secure fit
  • Great value
  • Unisex
The Cons
  • Product may be too noisy for some consumers’ preferences

3)  The Best Flexible, Plastic-Backed Adult Diaper – BetterDry Adult Briefs, Poly-Backed with a Thick Core Keeps You Dry All Day and Night

These BetterDry absorbent adult briefs provide you with the confidence you need to go about your day and the security to sleep soundly through the night. They offer complete coverage with a thick core pad that is perfect for absorbency without being too bulky.

Key Features:

  • Soft materials and thick core padding
  • Can be used day or night
  • Full coverage offers flexible wear
  • Double elastic waistband design

The waistband is equipped with two elastic layers to offer a more precise, customized fit. If you’ve ever felt the discomfort of elastic that digs into your skin, you’ll be relieved with the way these fit.

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The Pros
  • Reportedly great for side sleepers
  • Extra-large refastening tabs
The Cons
  • Only available in two sizes (medium and large)


4)  The Best High-Absorbency, Plastic-Backed Adult Diaper – Forsite Health Under The Sea Max Adult Briefs

This adult brief takes a fun step away from the traditional plain white adult diaper. It is plastic-backed with an astonishing absorbency up to 180 ounces (almost one and a half gallons)! They come with ultra-strong and improved medical-grade tape to ensure a secure fit.

Key Features:

  • Cotton core is super-absorbent
  • Plastic-backed surface
  • Medical-grade, refastening tape
  • Tall leg cuff design

This product has tall, standing leak guards and elastic waist guards in the front and back. Plus, with the fun pattern, you can take a break from the traditional and enjoy a different design, all while getting maximum wetness protection.

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The Pros
  • Fun, different design from usual options
  • Good for extended wear
  • Latex-free
The Cons
  • Sizing for product may run small

5)  The Best Overnight Plastic-Backed Adult Diaper – Molicare Briefs (Super-Plus)

These briefs are excellent for overnight use because they have the absorbency to hold multiple incontinence episodes. They are made with extra-large padded panels that pull in lots of moisture and lock it away from your skin so you can feel dry and comfortable through the night.

Key Features:

  • High-performance, extended-wear design
  • Thick and ultra-absorbent
  • Padded side panels
  • Plastic-backed

Adjustable adhesive tapes allow you to secure a good fit, while stand-up leak guards keep wetness away from your clothes and bed sheets. Plus, the comfort-stretch poly backing offers the extra security and protection you seek.

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The Pros
  • Promotes better sleep quality
  • Minimizes skin irritation
  • Anti-leak and odor-free
The Cons
  • May be difficult to put on with first use

6)  The Best Quiet, Plastic-Backed Adult Diaper – Rearz – Inspire+ InControl Nighttime Briefs

Rearz offers an incontinence brief that encourages better sleep with a comfortable fit that inspires confidence. With this product, you can enjoy 12+ hours of protection, whether you choose to wear them overnight, during the day, or both.

Key Features:

  • Designed to protect for overnight and extended use
  • Refastening tape tabs
  • Reinforced tape zone for multiple adjustments
  • Tall, standing leg guards

This adult diaper is designed for maximum absorbency (up to 180 ounces) and has luxurious, plush padding that quickly absorbs wetness to keep you dry and odor-free.

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The Pros
  • Maximum absorbency
  • Product is latex-free
  • Elastic waistband
  • Quiet, discreet design
The Cons
  • More expensive than other plastic backed options

7)  The Best Plastic-Backed Diaper with Wetness Indicators – Tranquility Adult Disposable Briefs with All-Through-The-Night Protection

These adult disposable diapers are great for overnight and extended wear. They allow you to tend to your errands, enjoy a long flight, or rest comfortably through the night while protecting your skin and providing a secure fit.

Key Features:

  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Available in sizes small to extra-large
  • Plastic outside layer
  • Four refastening tape tabs

With innovative wetness indicators that change from yellow to blue, you’ll know when these diapers need changing. The inside layer is soft and cloth-like, while the inner core is ultra-absorbent and specially designed to handle all your incontinence needs, leaving your skin dry, reducing odor, and neutralizing pH.

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The Pros
  • Maximum absorbency for extended use
  • Reliable leakage protection
  • Quality guaranteed
The Cons
  • Some consumers reported tape tabs losing stickiness

8)  The Best ABDL Plastic-Backed Adult Diaper – Littleforbig Printed Adult Brief Diapers Adult Baby Diaper Lover

These are some of the thickest diapers available on the ABDL market. They have a strong plastic backing designed to offer superior protection. The inside layers are soft, and the inner standing guards work diligently to protect against leaks.

Key Features:

  • Gender neutral design
  • Baby animal print
  • Soft, cloth-like inner padding
  • Plastic backing

These diapers have four tapes to ensure a secure fit, while the stretchy leg gathers keep the ultra-thick padding nestled perfectly between the legs. The animal-themed design on these has a vintage feel, with pastel kittens, baby bears, and baby bunnies!

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The Pros
  • Cute, pastel-colored design
  • Extra-fluffy
  • Four tapes to adjust your perfect fit
The Cons
  • Some consumers reported tape tabs losing stickiness


9)  The Best Fun Print Plastic-Backed Adult Diaper – FAB SENSE City Print Adult Briefs

This highly absorbent adult brief features a new and attractive print, offering a different appearance different from the traditional plain white option. This product also offers maximum absorbency and soft, high-quality, breathable materials for your ultimate comfort.

Key Features:

  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Extra absorbent with a fun print
  • Cotton core can hold up to 100 ounces.
  • Plastic-backed

The cotton core is ultra-absorbent and the tape tabs refasten in case you need to make some adjustments. The plastic-backed surface offers extra protection and the double leg cuffs and elastic waistband fit in a way that make you feel secure and protected.

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The Pros
  • Great leakage protection
  • Attractive print
  • Can be used overnight
The Cons
  • Only sold in packs of 10

10)  The Best Plastic-Backed Adult Diaper with NASA Technology – Wellness Briefs Original, w/ NASA Technology

These Wellness adult diapers are designed to be extra-absorbent to provide the confidence to engage in your various day-to-day activities, whatever they may be. Moreover, they reduce landfill use by over 70%, making them the most environmentally friendly adult brief option available today.

Key Features:

  • InconTek technology inspired by NASA
  • Triple-layered core
  • Four refastening tape tabs
  • Plastic exterior

This brief has multiple layers that absorb liquids and moisture and keep them locked away. Moreover, not only do they protect your skin against irritation by locking away wetness, they also quickly lock away odor.

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The Pros
  • Overnight absorbency
  • Space-age technology keeps wetness and odors from escaping
The Cons
  • These do not pull-up like regular underwear

Choosing the BEST Plastic Backed Adult Diapers - Our Buying Guide!

A) Check Maximum Absorbency for Each Brand

Plastic-backed diapers tend to have extra-absorbent cores that can hold multiple incontinence episodes while offering a waterproof backing that keeps leaks from spreading to clothes and bedding. Each brand will list its absorbency limit, so be sure to check out the product description to confirm that your chosen adult diaper will meet your needs.

B) Look at the Sizing Guide for Proper Fit

Adult diapers don’t have universal sizing. It is important you take the time to review the sizing guides and measure yourself whenever necessary to get a product that fits correctly. Although a product may otherwise be perfect for your needs, if you purchase the wrong size, you may run into difficulties: you may experience leaks if they’re too big or discomfort if they’re too small.

C) Look for Odor Protection

Products that are ultra-absorbent also tend to be equipped with odor protection. This is an especially important feature for those who lead active lifestyles out in public or who sleep with their partners through the night. Ensuring an odor-free experience helps to keep you – and those around you – more comfortable and confident, day or night.

D) If You Have a Caregiver, Look for a Wetness Indicator

Although this feature is helpful even if you don’t have a caregiver, for those who do have a caregiver, a wetness indicator helps to communicate when it’s time for a change. Particularly if paralysis is an issue, wetness indicators help to prevent uncomfortable skin irritation and leaks.

E) Opt for Moisture-Wicking Options

Certain brands equip their adult diapers with moisture-wicking materials, which keep sweat (and other liquids) from causing problems. Too much moisture cause irritation of the skin, which could become extremely uncomfortable.

The BEST Plastic-Backed Adult Diapers – Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a plastic-backed diaper?

Plastic-backed diapers are fitted incontinence briefs that offer a great deal of support and protection. The smooth plastic is waterproof and minimizes friction against clothing, sheets, and blankets. They are often designed with adjustable tabs that refasten to promote a consistently secure and comfortable fit.

2) Can I use a plastic-backed diaper during the day?

Yes. Some plastic-backed adult diapers are marketed for overnight use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them during the day. If you find a product you love from the list above, use it according to your preference and comfort!

3) What are the benefits of using a plastic-backed diaper?

Plastic-backed adult diapers are great for bowel containment, odor control, and leak protection – and they are easier to change!

Picking the BEST Plastic Backed Adult Diapers – How to Make the Right Selection

Plastic-backed diapers are just one of many options out there, and using them is a matter of preference, but they may help you feel more secure. Some prefer the feel of these diapers to other alternatives. Whatever you seek, there is a product for you.

Which adult diaper listed above is your favorite?

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