The 10 BEST Adult Diapers of 2021

Incontinence management is a necessity for many adults, and it can be due to any of a variety of reasons, meaning that choosing the right diaper for yourself requires a little bit of know-how. For instance, if you lead an active lifestyle, you will want to ensure a secure, flexible fit that is as discreet as possible. On the other hand, someone who is bedridden will need an adult diaper that offers maximum absorbency to keep the skin dry and free of painful irritation. Luckily, there are many options to choose from based on your individual needs. Read on to discover some of our top picks for the best adult diapers, including the best for overnight wear, the best for women, the best for men, and even the best ABDL diaper!

Quick Picks!

Here’s three products we picked out that we thought you might be interested in!

Best Pick
Prevail Daily Underwear Adult Diapers
These diapers offer maximum absorbency and come equipped with MaxSorb Gel Technology, Dri-Fit technology, and skin-smart fabrics to keep your skin cool, dry, healthy, and refreshed. Plus, the Omni-Odor Guard technology and pull-up style provide discretion and convenience for active lifestyles.

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SaleBest Value
Tranquility Premium OverNight Adult Diapers
As the name would suggest, these diapers offer a tranquil night’s sleep, owing to their maximum absorbency, odor control technologies, and pH-neutralizing materials. The fact that they come in high-quantity multipacks makes them an even better value.

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Best Budget
Solimo Unisex Adult Diapers
These are some of the cheapest adult diapers you’ll find. But don’t let that make you think they’re cheap in quality: offering maximum absorbency, Dri-Fit technology, and an odor control system, these will meet all of your needs, from budget to comfort to protection.

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The BEST Adult Diapers – Our Picks!

1)  The Best Overall Adult Diaper – Prevail Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Underwear

The Prevail adult diaper is designed for adults who might otherwise experience leakage as a result of a heavy bladder. It is a soft yet trustworthy option that is often used in assisted care facilities.

Key Features:

  • Quick wick design to promote dry skin
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Prevents leaks
  • Fits comfortably and discreetly

Not only do Prevail’s adult diapers prevent leaks, they are also super absorbent and keep your skin dry and comfortable, helping to prevent painful irritation.

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2)   The Best Discreet Overnight Adult Diaper for Women – Always Discreet Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear for Women

These adult diapers by Always provide up to 12 hours of protection, whether you are sleeping in them or using them during the day. And with their discreet design, you could comfortably and confidently wear them during the day.

Key Features:

  • Unique dry protection
  • 360 Degree FormFit design
  • Odor-neutralizing
  • Discreet fit

The hidden layer inside this adult diaper transforms liquid into a gel substance that keeps you dry and keeps odors at bay, promoting healthier skin and making for a more discreet wearing experience.

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3)  The Best Boutique Overnight Adult Diaper for Women – Always Discreet Boutique, Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear for Women

This adult diaper is made with a soft and silky fabric that has a lacy print, making it look and feel like regular underwear. Similar to the product mentioned above, these adult diapers also contain an ultra-absorbent core that turns liquid into gel, keeping you dry and eliminating odors.

Key Features:

  • RapidDry core for maximum absorbency
  • Double LeakGuards to keep you dry
  • Curve-hugging design

Protection combines with beauty with this diaper, providing incontinence protection while allowing you to feel beautiful.

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4)   The Best Adult Diaper with Tabs – FitRight Ultra Adult Diapers, Disposable Incontinence Briefs with Tabs

This adult diaper by FitRight is designed to keep you comfortable while protecting against leaks. The multiple tabs can be refastened, ensuring the right fit for you throughout the day or night.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and soft anti-leak guards
  • Skin-safe and refastenable tabs 
  • Inner absorbent layer to pull moisture away from your skin

Breathable side panels offer a soft feel reminiscent of regular undergarments, while the contoured shape ensures your privacy while out in public, making for a tab-style diaper that is surprisingly discreet.

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5)   The Best ABDL Adult Diaper – LittleForBig Printed Adult Brief Diapers ABDL – Vintage Baby

These fluffy diapers by LittleForBig have a strong plastic backing and soft padding inside to promote ultimate comfort. And for added fun, they’re printed with a childlike pastel design that includes elephants, bears, and giraffes.

Key Features:

  • Soft, pastel print
  • Leak- and tear-resistant
  • Extra soft, thick, and fluffy

The stretchy leg holes make sure you are extra comfy, while the snug tapes promote a secure fit. But perhaps the best feature of these diapers is their fun, gender-neutral design that can be enjoyed by any ADBL!

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6)   The Best Overnight Adult Diaper – Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

These pull-up adult diapers deliver maximum protection so you can sleep soundly through the night. Plus, on account of their easy-to-change pull-up design and their large absorption capacity (over a quart of liquid), they are an excellent option for long road trips or air travel – or just a long day out and about.

Key Features:

  • Designed for maximum levels of incontinence
  • Pull-up style with tear-away sides
  • Breathable sides
  • Full-rise waist panel and inner leg cuffs

The full-rise waist ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while the tear-away side seams make these easy to take off. The inside layer is super soft and gentle against your skin, helping to protect against leaks and odors.

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7)   The Best Adult Diaper for Men – Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Men

These Depend Fit-Flex adult diapers for men come in a masculine grey color, are ultra-strong, and lock away wetness and odor to keep you feeling confident and comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Immediate, maximum absorption
  • Smooth, discreet fit under clothing
  • Flexible fabric for ultimate comfort

These briefs fit similarly to traditional brief-style underwear, with a waistband that ensures a secure, discreet fit. These briefs are soft, comfortable, and breathable. They are also unscented, which can be an attractive feature, especially if you’re sensitive to fragrances.

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8)  The Best Heavy Absorbency Adult Diaper – TENA Ultra Brief, Tab Closure, Adult Disposable, Heavy Absorbency

This TENA adult diaper has a cloth-like backing material and tabs that can be refastened for the best fit and ultimate comfort. It is latex-free and has a dri-fast dual core that absorbs liquid quickly, keeping you dry and keeping your skin healthy and irritation-free.

Key Features:

  • Designed for heavy absorbency
  • Inner layer that converts liquid into gel
  • Breathable to keep you dry

The built-in wetness sensor helps alert you (or your caretaker) when it is time for a change. Plus, with it’s plain white color, it can be worn by both genders.

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9)   The Best Unisex Adult Diaper – Amazon Brand – Solimo Incontinence Underwear for Men and Women Overnight Absorbency

These overnight adult diapers are designed to be worn by both men and women. They lock wetness away and have a dri-fit technology that ensures temperature and moisture control. With these diapers, your skin stays dry, irritation-free, and healthy.

Key Features:

  • Dri-fit for moisture and temp control
  • Cotton topsheet to wick away moisture
  • Dual odor control system
  • Latex-free

These adult diapers have a dual odor control system that neutralizes and eliminates odors to protect your privacy and keep you feeling clean.

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10)   The Best Night Defense Adult Diaper for Women – Depend Night Defense Incontinence Underwear for Women 

With these Depend Night Defense adult diapers for women, you can sleep peacefully through the night. These adult diapers have a feminine design that is soft for comfort, strong for durability, and absorbent to lock away wetness while you snooze.

Key Features:

  • Overnight odor control
  • Form-fitting elastic bands
  • Super-soft material for comfort
  • Feminine designs

The SureFit waistband ensures your continued comfort as you shift around through the night. Plus, with their form-fitting design, these diapers fit comfortably under pajamas.

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Choosing the BEST Adult Diapers – Our Buying Guide!

A) Sizing Is Crucial

Choosing the correct size diaper for your body type is extremely important. This will ensure both comfort and protection against messy leaks. Note that each manufacturer has specific sizing guidelines; there are, unfortunately, no universal sizes. Therefore, it is important you heed the sizing instructions, especially when you are testing out a new product.

B) Consider Your Absorbency Needs

You may require different types of absorbency for daytime vs. overnight wear and depending on the size and typical output of your bladder. You’ll also want to consider whether you will be using diapers for urine alone or for fecal matter as well. The more highly absorbent options can contain more but will have thicker padding and may be less discreet. Each brand will list its absorbency, allowing you to make an informed decision prior to purchase.

C) Choose a Gender-Specific or Unisex Product

Diapers that are designed specifically for women may lack the support a man needs; conversely, male diaper options are uniquely shaped to ensure protection for a male body shape and may not fit well on women. Unisex diapers are designed to consider both the female and male urinary flow and tend to be less expensive.

D) Pull-Up Diapers vs. Refastenable Tab Diapers

Pull-up (a.k.a., pull-on) diaper options are great for individuals who are active; they feel more like regular undergarments and can be more comfortable while out and about. Diapers with tabs that can be refastened are great for those with limited mobility or who are bedridden and are cared for (i.e., changed) by a caregiver. They usually have a wetness indicator that alerts caregivers when the diaper requires changing.

E) Online Shopping Can Help You Save

Once you have a brand that fits well, provides the protection you need, and serves your needs, shop online! Typically, you can get a better deal when you purchase in bulk, and sellers will often reduce prices for a season to entice buyers. This will help you save in the long run.

The BEST Adult Diapers – Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why are adult diapers the solution for incontinence?

Adult diapers are a great solution for incontinence because they provide protection for the sporadic, unpredictable nature of incontinence. When adults deal with leakage following surgery, as the result of a medical condition, or through old age, diapers provide the much-needed support and protection to ensure a dignified daily life.

2) Do many adults wear adult diapers?

Although incontinence is most often seen with older adults, it is a condition that can affect any adult at any time for a variety of reasons. Women tend to use adult diapers after giving birth, for instance. The need for adult diapers may be temporary or long-term, but whatever the need, they’re there when you need them.

3) What are the best adult diapers out there?

We’ve listed some of the best options in this guide, but, truly, the options are seemingly endless! The best one for you will be the one that makes you feel secure and protected, that keeps you dry and comfortable, that keeps your skin feeling healthy, and that fits your preferences for discretion.

4) I’m embarrassed to shop for adult diapers. What can I do?

Not to worry – just shop online! Manufacturers understand that the purchase of adult diapers may not be something you’d like made known. They will often identify the type of packaging you will be receiving and, most of the time, these options protect your privacy. That way, you can have a discreet package delivered directly to your door as often as you need.

Picking the BEST Adult Diapers - How to Make the Right Selection

Incontinence is a common condition with a very practical solution. Whether you are dealing with a short-term need or looking for a long-term brand to trust, you have some solid options to choose from. Online shopping has made it great for you to shop different brands privately and discreetly. After all, just because you are dealing with an incontinence issue doesn’t mean the world has to know! You are free to be as private or public about your diaper use as you’d like; the most important action you can take is choosing the product that best suits you. You may have to dry different brands and styles to find the one that is best for you. If you encounter a product that doesn’t work for your needs, don’t despair; just keep looking. We are confident you will find the right style!

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