Easy Ups vs Pull-Ups: What’s the Difference?

Potty training is hard work. All those accidents can get frustrating, but they’re inevitable as your precious little one grows through one of the most important stages of life. You have to worry about keeping their confidence up while looking for any sign that nature might be calling, constantly asking if they need to go to the bathroom – and of course, cleaning up when they don’t make it in time.

Thankfully, there are products out there to ease a little bit of the burden. Choosing the right potty training diapers can make all the difference. But with so many options out there, it’s hard to tell which one to go for. Here, we will talk about the differences between two of the most popular potty training diapers out there: Easy Ups (by Pampers) and Pull-Ups (by Huggies).

The Big Differences

Let’s start by looking at the most notable differences between the two products. The biggest difference is that Pull-Ups have sides that you can open and close, making for easier changing, as they can be changed while the child is lying down. Easy Ups, in contrast, have tear-away sides for easy removal, but these sides cannot be resealed, so once they’ve been taken off that way, they’re done. These diapers do, however, have a stretchy waistband, making them ideal for a child who is a little more confident and independent in taking their diapers off when it is time for potty.

Something else to be aware of is the design. The different brands will have different designs. And designs change often, so don’t get to attached to one pattern, as it may not be around forever. Nonetheless, designs can have an impact on how happy and confident your child is when it comes to wearing potty trainers, so it’s important to find one they like. Both brands like to use varying design themes and can feature all sorts of fun characters on them. From Thomas the Tank Engine to Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol to Toy Story, your child’s favorite characters are there! If they have someone they know and love on their potty training diapers, they will be happier wearing them day in and day out.

It is always a good idea to involve your little one in making these decisions. Giving them ownership and control over these aspects will make an amazing difference in how happy they are to wear their potty training diapers. It also makes talking about toileting just a little bit easier!

The Little Differences

Of course, there are other, little differences, ones we man not notice right away, but that could be important. What other differences are there in these diapers that will change how easy it is to potty train? Well for starters, they absorb differently from each other, and there are pros and cons to each brand when it comes to absorbency. The biggest thing to consider here is the potty training progress of your little one.

Pampers’ Easy Ups are a little less absorbent than Huggies’ Pull-Ups because of the material they are made of. This means that leaks may be a little more frequent, especially with larger urinations or more movement. However, with their smaller absorbency, they are also smaller and less bulky, meaning they will be more comfortable to wear under clothes. This is very useful for those little accidents when they don’t quite make it in time but can be changed quickly. With their smaller absorbency (and less bulky fit), Pull-Ups are a great option for children who are further along in their potty training journey.

Huggies makes their Pull-Ups from the same material as their normal diapers, which means that they can absorb much more than the Easy Ups. While it’s nice to have that added protection, this can make them quite bulky, meaning they can get in the way of wearing clothes and running around, as toddlers do. With their greater absorbency, these diapers are more suited to long outings where there may not be too many opportunities for toilet stops. This option would also work better for children who like to hold their pee until they go to bed and for children who are in the earlier stages of potty training and have less control.

When considering what level of absorbency your child needs, what you want to think of here is how your child behaves in their trainer diapers and when they decide they want to go. There may be a bit of trial and error here, but finding the right potty training diapers can save you a whole lot of trouble in the long run!

What About The Money?

As a parent, we all know that budgeting can be quite a challenge. From formula to clothes to swim school, everything your child does seems to drain that bank account. Your monthly budget and savings goals are always factors to consider, even with potty training. So which brand is more cost-effective? The answer is simple – and, thankfully, in your favor. We are dealing with two huge brands here, and those brands are obviously in direct competition with each other; this makes the price relatively similar in most cases.

Overall, Huggies is a massive worldwide brand, and the company is known for its excellent quality. This makes them slightly more expensive. There is a silver lining though! Supermarkets, especially the big ones, will usually have one or the other brand on sale.

However, immediate cost shouldn’t necessarily be your first consideration; think about the long term. It would be wise to go with the option that suits your child better, even if it is the more expensive option. If they are more comfortable and happy in their training diapers, you are ultimately going to have fewer accidents. Fewer accidents means fewer diapers, and fewer diapers means less money spent and more money saved.

To Summarize

There are some great features that both products offer when it comes to potty training. Ultimately, you have to focus on the needs of your child to make it easier for you all in the long run. Here are a few points to consider when thinking about which potty training diapers are best for your child:

Huggies Pull-Ups:

  • More absorbent
  • Resealable sides for easy removal
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Bulky wear can sometimes be uncomfortable

Pampers Easy Ups:

  • An elastic band makes it easier for children to dress themselves
  • Less bulky, making them more comfortable
  • Slightly more cost-effective
  • Different material, slightly less absorbent, more prone to leakage

Don’t allow these many factors to confuse you when making a final decision, because both are fantastic choices. There is no truly superior brand for you to use; do a little bit of trial and error to see what works best for your little one. If you have a very confident child who wants to do everything on their own, maybe Easy Ups are a good place to start. If you are just starting to work your way out of regular diapers and have a slightly more accident-prone child, Pull-Ups might be your best option.

Parenting is a constant battle with your own thoughts and doubts. It can be quite time-consuming and exhausting to always second-guess yourself as to whether or not you have made the right call on seemingly anything and everything. Hopefully, this article has helped you to make one of those decisions a little bit easier.

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